I had the opportunity to go out fishing on Dog Lake yesterday with David Chong and Mike Morson. Aside from being great fishermen, they are a couple of very friendly, down to earth guys. I learned so much just by watching them fish, so it was a great opportunity for me just to be there. Fishing with them was a bonus. The day started off with some rain and wind, but the sun came shining through and warmed up the fish.

Dog Lake is located near Battersea, (which is north of Kingston) Ontario. It is connected to Cranberry Lake and Seeley’s Bay. There is a Renegade Bass Tournament coming up on Dog Lake, Cranberry Lake and Seeley’s Bay this weekend, so I will not say too much about the fishing 😉

I took a few photos while I was out because one thing I love about fishing and being outdoors is the wildlife. I always try to have my camera with me. When I am fishing tournaments, I don’t usually have time to take photos, but I try to get photos when I am out fishing for fun.


Renegade Bass


Fish hard, dream big


3 responses to “Dog Lake”

  1. Nice start to your blog Ashley!!!

  2. Beautiful pics!!
    Good luck in the tourney 😉

  3. Thanks Derek and Raven!
    I won't be fishing the tournament, as I am not in that series. But I thought I would throw a little info out there anyways 🙂

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