Tobago Day Two

It felt great to catch up on sleep finally, and to wake up in such a beautiful vacation home! It was all starting to feel real. This was the start of Day 2. The fishing excursion was re-scheduled to 1pm – 5pm, so we went to Grafton beach first thing after breakfast. Grafton Beach is located in Stonehaven Bay, which is literally right across the road from Stonehaven Villas. It took about 5 minutes to walk there, how handy is that! We spent a couple hours walking around and taking photos at the beach, and then headed back to get ready for the most exciting part of the trip: THE FISHING!!

Captain Gerard “Frothy” De Silva picked us up and took us over to the southern part of the island. Pete, his partner (and also a captain) picked us up in a smaller boat, and took us over to Hard Play – the charter boat. We cruised out past the emerald coloured waters and Pete started dropping the lines in the water and we began trolling. We had up to 5 lines in the water at 1 time (all in rod holders).

My first fish was a king fish – what a rush!! The crazy thing about fishing in the sea is that you can never imagine the types of fish you will catch!! I do not have a lot of knowledge of the different types of fish, so I was very excited to look at them and hold them. My second fish was a trigger fish, what a neat looking creature!! I was extremely happy with both catches as I had never caught a fish their size. The trip was definitely a success by only Day 2, yet there was so much more to do and still another day of fishing!

We were picked up after the charter by a cab driver that was a friend of Captain Frothy’s. This is when we met Rachel. Going into another country, it can be hard to adapt at first, and sometimes hard to communicate. Chris and I knew that we wanted to see as much of the island as possible, and as Rachel drove us home we knew we found someone we could trust to call during our stay. As we were driving back, along the roadside we saw dozens and dozens of crabs – bright blue and orange! Rachel realized our love for nature, so she mentioned a few places we may like to see. We took her card and after arriving back and the villa, we started to plan some sight-seeing.

Please check out the video from Day 2:

Hard Play FIshing:

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