Up and at ’em! We got up early to head over to the Grafton Bird Sanctuary located conveniently next door to Stonehaven Villas. The sanctuary has feedings daily at 8am and 4pm, so we wanted to catch the early one and spend the rest of the day at the beach. We did a bit of walking through some trails of the sanctuary, and it was much different than our Ontario Parks! The trees and plants were HUGE and very dense, it felt prehistoric! It was very peaceful though, as you will hear in the video with all the birds chirping and singing.

After the bird watching we headed back ‘home’ for lunch and then headed over to Arnous Vale beach. It is known as one of the best snorkeling areas on the island, and I was very impressed! We saw tons of fish and different types of coral in the warm Caribbean waters. This beach was also free of charge and did not have a lot of visitors which added to the ‘vacation’ feel.

Hope you enjoy the video on day 3:

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