Tobago Day Four

Day four was definitely a lazy day, and it felt GOOD! That’s what vacations are for right? I have a hard time trying to just laze around and ‘relax’ because I usually try and keep myself busy. We started off the day at about 9am when we woke up, went swimming, ate breakfast, showered and then called Rachel (the lovely cab driver we met on the second day) and she took us over to an amazing hummingbird sanctuary on the island also known as ‘Adventure Park & Nature Reserve’.

I have never been so up close to that many hummingbirds at once before! It was incredible! They were flying all over the place, not afraid of us at all. I was wearing a floral dress and they kept flying up to me and hovering around me for a few seconds until they realized I was not really a flower.

The park also had beautiful trails and many fruit trees. It was a wonderful place to take photos, which I love doing! The hummingbird shots are unreal.. as they are not afraid they just sit and pose for you it seems.

You will just have to see the video to check it out for yourself!


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