Tobago Day Six

Rise and shine, we got up early to head over to the beach. Well, 8 o’clock isn’t THAT early, but when you are on vacation it is. We got a lot of awesome footage today, and even an EEL!! My cameraman was very brave, as soon as I saw the eel I took off to shore!! haha

I finally earned a suntan on this day… well pretty much a sunburn, but it was an accident. I made the mistake of swimming all morning and then basking in the sun afterwards, or cooking myself in salt! It didn’t turn out too bad though, and I finally looked like I really went for a vacation. I never tan because I wear so much sunscreen in attempt to take care of my skin.

A very relaxing day, followed by a very relaxing evening on the terrace, and room service 🙂

Hope you enjoy Day 6!

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