I was out today at a friend of the family’s home working with my dad. Since I have been doing the 365 day photo project, I don’t leave home without a camera. As luck would have it, I looked out the window and saw a huge white-tailed buck. I quickly went outside, grabbed the camera from the truck, and made my way towards the field as quietly as possible.

I got close enough to get a few shots of the big buck, and without noticing me he walked back into the woods.

I walked further into the field hoping to get another glimpse, very quietly, and suddenly a young buck entered the field, walking STRAIGHT towards me!

I stood still.. hands shaking… and he noticed me. There was about 20 feet between the deer and I. He started snorting, but seemed un-alarmed as he stared me down. I had never been this close to a deer!

He got bored with me, so he frolicked around the field, took a final look at me and then disappeared into the woods. What an experience!!

9 responses to “Close-up with nature”

  1. Excellent photos and what an experience for you. Thanks for sharing with your fellow bloggers and other readers. Look forward to more from your fine blog.

  2. LOVE the 4th photo from the top – the spike with his tongue out. Nice work Ashley!


  3. Thank you Mel and Wolfy!! I know it's not fishing related, but I have decided to start putting more photography too because it is a big part of my life. I just HAD to share these photos and this experience, I am so happy you enjoyed it!!

  4. How cool the pics rock. I also really like the 4th one from the top. I guess I should start carring a camera around with me every where I go.

  5. Ashley – I REALLY LIKE that you're going to include more photography in your blog – it's an area I've expressed a personal need to do a better job. I'm looking at some new equipment, too. Keep on posting the pics!


  6. Ben – Thanks! I find it really helps me to take better photos… I always have it on my brain now.. so when I see something I just start clicking away.

    Wolfy – Thank you! It's so nice so see the world through someone else's lense.. I hope you will start taking lots of photos too!

  7. Awesome photos Ashley. Just always remember that as majestic as they may seem, wild animals are still just that…wild… as witnessed here.

  8. Wow.. thanks for sharing that video Ian.. I was defintely nervous during my encounter.. but I think if there is a next time, I will just stay back and hopefully get a bigger zoom lense!

  9. PS. Kinda funny though… deer gets revenge on hunter! haha.

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