2009 = a great year of fishing!

Tonight was our annual Quinte Bassmasters banquet. We celebrate the end of bass tournament season with awards, prizes and a great dinner.

Throughout the year, we compete for points in tournaments trying to get the least amount possible by getting a low score (1st place = 1 point, etc,.) For tournaments partners are drawn at random, and fish as a team at different locations surrounding Belleville, Ontario.Our club has over 40 members now.

This was my second year fishing in the Quinte Bassmasters and it has been wonderful!! I was very hesitant to join at first, being only the second woman to join the club. I am not normally a shy person, but it was tough for me to join not knowing what it would be like, or if I would be accepted. All of those fears were erased shortly after a few monthly meetings, and finally when spring came around and I got to get out and fish. It’s really amazing how things turn around when you have something in common with a total stranger – a love for fishing. Which is why most of you are reading my blog 🙂

This year I was so proudly able to walk away with a Club Qualifier Medallion and a President’s Award shown below:

Next year I will be proudly representing the Quinte Bassmasters at the qualifier event, where Bassmasters clubs from all over Ontario come to fish a big tournament! The winners of the event then go on to represent Team Ontario at another large tournament, and so on. The location for the qualifier has not yet been announced, but I will let you know as soon as I hear. I am so excited! Just to be at such a big tournament will be amazing in itself.

The Presidents Award was presented to me for my involvement with all the children’s events, the media coverage and awareness I brought regarding our club, and just helping the executive plan and run events, etc,. I feel very honored!

It is so great to be involved with a group of such wonderful people with a common interest. I really look forward to next year and many years to come 🙂 I am going to add my awards to my fishing wall!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ashley – First of all, let me say congratulations to you on your honors and awards. You have obviously worked very hard to become a quality bass fishing “Woman”. I wish you much success in your future tournament and club activities.

  2. Good Job Ashley. This year you have obviously poured yourself heart and soul into this sport and people noticed. I know next year will only be even better for you.

  3. A heartfelt “Congrats” to you for your two seasons in the club, and the awards you've earned. Your feelings hit home with me – I joined our local Bass club in Pennsylvania about 25 years ago. I didn't know the people, and didn't know if I'd be accepted. I WAS (much like you describe) and it led to great experiences with even better people.


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