Weezer this Saturday!

I am really starting to believe that this is my lucky year!
My favourite radio station, 98.9 The Drive has been giving out tickets to my favourite band all week: Weezer – fancy that!
The game is called ‘Find the Geezer’ and they give a hint everyday at 7:30am and 4:30pm and you have to figure out where Santa is located, somewhere in Kingston, Ontario. This mornings hint was ‘These big boys are all really naughty, they won’t be sitting on my lap!’ Kingston has quite a few prisons/jails, so I figured it was something along those lines. I called in and guessed ‘Kingston Penitentiary’ and I was CORRECT!!!

Now to say a little about the Drive. When I was in the Adopt an Angler contest, they were awesome enough to bring me in to host the morning show with Jim Elyot while his co-host Matt was away. I had such a great time doing the weather, talking with Jim on the air and just being there in general. They definitely showed their support for me, just a gal that loves fishing and loves Weezer! They asked me to the show after watching my video and loved my choice of a song. I even gave them a call from Tobago to give them an update and they had me on the air again! Be sure to give them a listen:

Weezer’s Island in the Sun song is the one I chose for my video in the contest, and it was very fitting! Lots of the people voting daily told me they loved the song and found it very catchy! Well now I have the chance to go and see Weezer LIVE this Saturday!!!!!
I will update you with the concert afterwards!

Here is my video if you haven’t seen it yet, what a great tune!!


  1. LOVE Weezer – you have great taste,Ahley. Islands in the Sun was the perfect song for your Tobago adventure, but I am partial to Hash Pipe and Buddy Holly. Great tunes – enjoy the concert, and give us a report.


  2. Thanks Wolfy, it was fate I think that I chose that song!! It was in my mind before I even made the video. Can't wait to see them Saturday night!

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