Hello readers,
I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to ring in the new year!! I will be celebrating in Niagara Falls, Ontario for the second year in a row. They have a wonderful free outdoor event featuring live music and fireworks, etc. There is so much to do in Niagara, if you ever have the chance to visit – take it! Stay tuned for photos and possibly videos!

I would like to try and make my blog more interactive, so I am going to ask for YOUR input!

Do you have a new years resolution this year?

What do you look forward to in 2010?

I will post my resolutions as well. Happy New Year!

5 responses to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. My New Years Resolution is; finish school, get the career on a roll. Get a boxing bag. Punch my boxing bag. Get another tat. Go on a vacation. Live, love, laugh!!!

  2. My resolution is to catch a Pike that breaks the 20 pound mark and to fish like there is no tomorrow… 😉


  3. Happy New Year to you !!

    My only resolution is to eat healthier and excersize more. Figure I'm not gonna be able to reach any goals if I'm not healthy!

  4. Great resolutions everyone, sounds like they are very do-able 🙂
    Happy New Year!!

  5. I'm going to be saving enough money so I can travel with Phil 🙂

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