Hardwater walleyes – a first for me!

This past Sunday I had the chance to get out ice fishing with the Quinte Ice Fishing Team in the Bay of Quinte, Ontario, Canada. In my entire life I had only been out ice fishing about 4 times in total, and never pulled a fish through the ice. This fact changed on Sunday as I pulled 5 walleyes through.. and even some perch!

Who says you can’t catch anything while ice fishing?!

I learned so much from Jeff, who I had the opportunity to share a hut with and get lots of instructions and tips. He has ice fishing mastered and knows how to get walleye not only biting, but in my arms for nice photo/video opportunities which is one of my favourite things! There was a group of us out there, and I filmed as well. Every so often I would hear ‘ASHLEY!’ and I would bolt out of my hut and start filming the latest catch!

It was a lot of fun, and I also did an interview with the guides. They were a great bunch and I can’t wait to get out there again!!

Take a look at the video to see my first fish through the ice.. and my biggest at around 10 pounds!!

Also check out http://quinteicefishing.com for some photos!


  1. Congratz to all of this Ashley, Hope to see you on some more magazines. Good luck catchen the “big dirty” 😉


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