My request

Hey guys and gals,
I hope your winter is going great so far, that you are doing lots of ice fishing or you are living somewhere nice and don’t get the cold winters like I do! (Although I wouldn’t trade if I could hehe).

My goal this year is to make lots and lots of video! I have a lot of fun on camera, and I enjoy being creative and editing as well!

I need your input on what kind of fishing videos you would like to see me make this year??

I look forward to hearing from you!!



  1. Ashley – the keys to viewing fishing videos (IMHO) are lots of action. And nothing is more action filled – visually – than topwater bites.

    Watching video of people trolling or jigging is like watching paint dry – at least for me


  2. Good call on that Wolfy!! I can't wait to get out and do some bass fishing. I will take video of that for SURE 🙂 It's my favourite and specialty! Thanks for your comment!

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