I had the opportunity to get out yesterday for some ice fishing – my 3rd trip this year. I had everything ready the night before so I could get up at 4:30 a.m. and head out. We hit the ice at sunrise for a nice warm day at around -1° C. The sun rose and was shining with fairly clear skies which made for a great day on the ice.

I fished at the first location with around 8 inches of ice below me in about 25-30 feet of water. I had tons of action on the flasher! My screen lit up like a Christmas tree, I had never seen that before. The only problem was… the fish were NOT biting. They would chase after my lure, follow it for awhile and then dive down to the bottom. With all the action on the screen, my friend Jeff said they were feeding on baitfish. Around noon our group had 9 walleye caught. Not a bad start to the day, but most of the fish were very finicky in the Napanee area. I didn’t catch anything there.

We headed to Shoeless Joes for a tasty lunch, then back at ‘er in Belleville! This location had 18 inches of ice! Needless to say I felt safe there. With such nice weather, I even fished hut-less for awhile. Such a nice view out on the Bay! We totaled up with 5 walleye caught in the evening, so altogether 14 for the day.
Special thanks to Jeff and Paul from http://www.quinteicefishing.com

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  1. Ashley: Fun trip with some nice results.

  2. Thanks, it was a blast!!!

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