Spring, spring, spring!

Well the snow is melting away, the walleye fishing is over for a couple months.. and spring is well on it’s way. This will be my first spring living in the city. I must admit I miss the country sunsets, and air, and let’s face it – I just love the country living and will really miss it this year. I moved for work though, and that is something I had to do.

I live much closer to Lake Ontario now, which will be a great new experience. Since I don’t have a boat, I plan to spend lots of time exploring the shorelines in search of some spots to cast a line and hopefully reel something in! This year my plan is to take people fishing that have little or no experience. My brother is one on the list, as he hasn’t been out in many years now. I took my dad out last year and he had a blast! I hope to recruit some others as well, and especially ladies.

Well this is short and sweet, and ends with a photo. Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Ashley,

    When i lived in Syracuse, I used to fish up your way quite a bit. Some of the absolute best fishing I've ever had was in creeks that feed into Lake Ontario or the bays. Shallow, black mud bottoms really heat up quickly and pull ALL the panfish into them as well as a lot of bass and some pike. These are the places you would NEVER fish in summer – too shallow and warm.

    Just a heads-up


  2. Sounds like you are about as ready for Spring and warmer weather as I am. Now let us both hope we can find some cooperative fish.

    Happy hook ups!

  3. I've lived near the shore of Lake Ontario most of my life and since I was a boy have enjoyed catches of trout, carp, pike, bass, catfish, panfish, eels and now salmon.

    Just about any creek emptying into the lake is a great place to start wetting a line. And just about every time of year offers a chance at catching something.

    Hope you have a lot of fun out there.

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