Good morning,
I have recently been renovating my blog. Above you will find a few new links:

The Livewell – A collection of my fish photos that I will update as frequently as I catch em!
The Videos – This section is going to come in VERY handy as I posted all my videos on one page. You won’t have to click around Youtube searching, you just simply press play and it’s all right there.
About Ashley – Just a little section about me and how I got into fishing.
The Contest – Coming soon!

As you will also notice I posted some links on the side – please take time to check out these great companies as they offer great products and information.

I am working on a section for YOU!

Stay tuned 🙂

7 responses to “A New Look”

  1. Ashley, like the changes. Everybody seems to be updating some on their blogs. Thanks for the video's and pictures.

    Happy hookups!

  2. Thanks Mel!
    It's awesome that blogger added pages.. because I was just about to take the plunge and build a website.. but now I don't need to 🙂

  3. Ashley: Thanks for the visit, I just changed my page recently and am happy with the results. Keep the info coming.

  4. No problem – thank you for stopping by my blog!

  5. I like the changes…and it's easy to navigate!

  6. Thanks for the feedback Tami!

  7. awesome photo. I found your page through Mel's blog (blogcabinangler). I have added you to my blog roll as well! Keep writing and I'll keep reading!!

    Kevin Jones

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