Syndenham Lake Sunfish

Another beautiful day brought me outdoors again, this time to try my luck on Sydenham Lake, Ontario. It was quite warm outside but in the wind I needed a hoodie. By canoe, the search was on for some fish. I thought I would go for perch again, or even try my luck at crappie. I’ve heard they have been active in Sydenham Lake.
It was pretty windy out in the open water, and no fish seemed to be found in any local shallow areas. No luck for me, so it was time to try another location. A culvert on the north end of Syndeham Lake usually has fishermen, so a short car ride and I was reeling in some pumpkinseed sunfish! They are a very beautiful fish and put up a decent fight. Here is the biggest one I caught today:
I am a live releaser, love to send the fish back home after a quick photo or video.

A close-up shot. Great colours on these little guys!
I caught about 8 in total today throughout 45 minutes. Sydenham Lake is such a gorgeous location! Lots of variety in different types of structures and even depth as the lake gets up to 120 feet. I will be fishing there a lot this summer when bass opens. The lake holds both smallies and largemouth and pike too. Can’t wait!!
I hope this weather keeps up so I can get out again this week!


  1. Pumpkinseeds are great panfish. And, while I am primarily a catch-and-release guy, I DO like an opccasional meal of fresh panfish. Perch and punpkinseeds in early spring are tough to beat!


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