It was a pretty nice day out today, so after work yesterday I decided to hit the water again in search of perch. Arriving to the spot (the same one as last weekend), this is what presented:

The perfect perch rock fishing spot almost submerged!

Jamie and I fished at the bottom of a waterfall, and saw more perch than ever but couldn’t get any decent-sized bites. At first I didn’t recognize this fish due to the dark colour:

A rock bass. My first time seeing such a dark one. I read about rock bass afterwards and discovered they can rapidly change colour to match their surroundings.

We were the only humans there, but not the only ones fishing:

A blue heron waiting for his next victim.

I am not sure on the ID of this bird.. but there were many of them flying overhead.

A seagull devouring a perch.

A beaver that swam close by the entire time.

The most perch I’ve EVER seen!! I had to exaggerate the colour a bit so the fish could be visible. They were somehow holding in a corner below a mill through a really strong current. Can you see that monster-sized one? I wish I could catch her!! I think next time I may use worms.. these fish have seen it all! Real bait may be the only trick.

We left just in time avoiding a heavy downpour! We definitely need some rain though.

Have a great weekend!

9 responses to “Fishin’ after work”

  1. I thought that was a Rock Bass but wasn't sure until you confirmed it. Never seen one colored like that.

  2. I was really thrown off by it at first!! Neat little guy. 🙂

  3. Hey Ashley,

    What a fun post…you always have awesome photos too! I must be living under a rock…I had never seen a rock bass until now. Thanks for sharing.

    Tami Curtis

  4. Hey Tami,
    Thanks a lot!! I am trying to shine a light on many different species this year, especially fish that I have never really gone after. I hope to show lots more soon!

    Thanks for reading!

  5. NICE pictue of the perch – I've never seen them so visible – usually they're a little deeper. Cool colors on the rock bass, too.

    Can't be certain but the bird looks like it might be a turkey vulture


  6. Thanks Joe!! I was so shocked by the perch.
    The bird had some red near the top of the beak or above. I think you are right!!

  7. What were those perch doing? Maybe spawning?

    Nice pictures.

  8. that's a turkey vulture for sure Ash.

  9. I am jealous of how much wildlife you are around on a daily basis while I'm busy dodging scruffy people pushing shopping carts while they beg for change and curse at the world.

    If I make it to Ontario this summer, take me fishing!

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