Paddletales Tackle Presents: Bass Talk 2010

I heard about the Bass Talk Seminar Series last year from some local anglers who absolutely recommended it. I missed out last year, so I knew I had to attend this year.

I headed out at 5:40 a.m. on Saturday morning and made the drive up to Winchester, Ontario with a few local anglers. We arrived around 7:30 a.m. and it wasn’t long before the place was full. Bass Talk is an information session put on by professional tournament anglers that give you more advice than you can handle. I started off by listening, but by the end I filled almost 2 pages front and back with point form tips and tricks that these guys live by. It’s really amazing to have this knowledge available! I will list the topics:

  • Tournament lessons; the winning attitude, psychology aspect, fishing line, (sinker) weights, rules, ETC
  • Preparing for a new lake; map study, where to find useful maps, how to effectively use them, researching lakes,  ETC
  • Frogging (top water frogs); rod set up, use in different types of structure, casting, retrieving, hook set, patterns, ETC
  • Current fishing; how current effects fish and all underwater life, how to read current and the advantages, finding fish, ETC
  • Fishing speed; adapting to the fish, shallow/deep/clear water techniques, lure selection and use, ETC
  • Rod selection/fish location lake-specific; rod length, rod action, smallmouth and largemouth activity, where/when to find fish, foliage, ETC
I would like to point out a HUGE emphasis on ETC, because I honestly learned so much! What a great way to prepare for the tournament season, or just the fishing season in general. Not everyone that attended is a tournament angler, but the advice was very useful and LOCAL. A question & answer session followed, and that was great too. The guys let me snap a photo at the end:
From left to right;  Charles Sim, Mark Kulik, Dave Chong, Lenny Devos, Paul Shibata and in front Doug Brownridge.
I am sure you will recognize some of these names. Be sure to check out Bass Talk next year, you won’t regret it!

They also had some discounts going on with Paddletales Tackle (the host of the event) and I picked up these 2 items:

Can’t wait to have bass exploding over these!!! Top water fishing is so fun, I used to do a lot of it on the Napanee River when I lived there. Hopefully I will have the chance to do lots of it this year!

Thanks for reading!!


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