Fish Art

I posted a request for my Facebook friends yesterday to post some blog topics for me to write about, not necessarily fishing. I had some great responses quickly, and ironically enough I have some exciting news that is also related to Michelle’s idea topic of art.

First of all I will talk a little bit about Michelle. She is a woman I went to high school with. We had an art class together in high school and I saw a few of her pieces, and she is extremely talented! I’ve looked through her art albums on Facebook many times. After high school she followed her dreams and talents and went to art school, and has a blog featuring her beautiful artwork:
Be sure to check it out!!

Now for the fish part! A co-worker of mine, who also happens to be a friend of my fathers has some beautiful carvings in her home. My dad was over visiting her and her husband a few months back, and then later told me about the different art pieces, and how nice they were. My co-workers husband stopped by work one afternoon and we got talking about the carvings. He said he could get the gentleman who did that art to make me something. We talked about fish (no doubt) and he said he would see what he could do. I didn’t expect anything to really surface from that as there is so much work involved with carving. I can’t even imagine having that skill! This was probably a month ago. Well today, this is what I received at work:

My very first piece of fish art, created especially for me! It is SO beautiful and detailed, I absolutely LOVE it!

Here is a closer look that will hopefully give more detail:

The detail around the trees, the rod, the fish, everything is just amazing!! The rocks in the stream are knots in the wood 🙂 Now I hope one day I can fly fish near the mountains and re-create this image. I’ll try!!

Can you guess the type of fish?

Have a great day and thanks for looking!



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