Kiwanis Walleye World 2010

This past year has really been a blast for me. I’ve met so many exceptional anglers and have learned so much from them. I really feel that it’s only the tip of the iceberg though, I have so much to learn and I can’t wait to experience it!!

This weekend was the annual walleye opener out of Trenton, Ontario. I invited Erik Luzak (of to come out and fish the event with me. We headed out in the late morning on Saturday, and fished out near Belleville, Ontario. The water was loaded with anglers, and the weather was awesome for the most part.

Trolling at a slow speed, I was using a Matzuo worm harness with a keel weight. It was my first time using that technique and I loved it! In the past I had only trolled for walleye, with rod holders most of the time and I much prefer this technique as it’s more ‘hands on’. I like a sensitive rod so I can see and feel everything my bait touches. I was using the Tekota 300LC with the 8 foot Shimano TDR Trolling Rod. We caught a ton of perch, and by the end of Saturday – only 1 walleye.

We spoke with another angler, Grant McAllister ( who was having lots of luck. Grant offered to show us where he was fishing the next day. On Sunday he met us at the launch and he lead us to the location, and even gave us some bottom bouncers so we could get down deep with our bait. We used the same technique (worm harnesses) but this time in deeper water and within minutes of getting to the spot, we were catching walleye after walleye! It was really awesome for Grant to do that for us!! Here’s Erik with the average size of walleye we were catching. We counted them at first, but after around 30 we stopped counting. It was so much fun!!

Erik showed me how to run the trolling motor, here I am fishing and trolling – it can get pretty tricky with wind – but I loved it!! Now I need my own boat… someday!!

Here are some more shots from Sunday:

Lots of walleye, but no biggies and we released all of the fish we caught, then headed to Trenton for the weigh-in ceremony. Erik did a seminar, as did Big Jim McLaughlin.

The stage was actually a giant fish tank. Here is a walleye that was caught during the weekend:

And the winner of the walleye derby with 11.77 pounds was Nick Monger!! He is a member of the Quinte Bassmasters! Nice to see someone you know win!! He won a 25 H.P Lund (4 Stroke) Outboard, 16′ Lund Boat and a Shorelander Trailer (from Bay Marine, Lund), congratulations Nick!!!

Nick and his family & friends that he fished with this weekend. 

It felt so good to be on the water all weekend, chatting with other anglers on and off shore. It really is a great event and I hope to do it again next year! A huge thanks to Erik and Grant for helping me land tons of walleye and showing me some new tricks!! I feel very lucky to have guys like them support me!

Next stop – The 2nd Annual Blair Smith Memorial Fishing With Kids:

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