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The winter season is officially over, and the Winter 2010 Edition of Bass-Man is now off the shelf making room for the new Spring 2010 issue.

This cover is most definitely one of the highlights of my life. When Wil Wegman contacted me for the interview, he mentioned that there ‘could be a chance’ of me being selected for the cover shot. I didn’t hear back on that for a few months, until finally I was given a copy of the magazine and was totally shocked at what I saw!! I’m not going to lie… when I got home I jumped up and down clutching the magazine like I won the lottery! Ha, ha! I am SO thankful for that moment, and will remember it forever.

A few months after the interview was complete I was asked to write a piece for the Spring 2010 Edition, which I happily did and it has now been published! I interviewed Laurie Ferris-Charlebois: a very active member in the fishing community, a president of one of the original Basssmaster Clubs in Ontario, and another female in the industry!! The 2-page article is called PROfile, and can been seen on page 18 & 19. Laurie is the first female angler to be interviewed for this section.

Here is Laurie with a largie!!

I really feel that women are making their mark in the angling community. It’s amazing to be part of such a group, and the support from fellow anglers (men and women) is unbelievable.

I am heading out Saturday and Sunday this weekend to search for some walleye in the Bay of Quinte with some new friends I made during the ice fishing season. Our club is hosting an Open Walleye Tournament on Sunday, and so far we have around 30 teams entered. Photos and story to come!

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  1. It's nice to have more then us scruffy old men and eager young bucks in the sport. This Spring while shore fishing at my usual spot there were a number of times where women or girls were fishing. More so, than anytime I can remember.

  2. Basspastor – I am happy to hear that!! I believe that there is plenty of room for women, and the guys are really awesome about it. I can't say I have really felt that I wasn't welcome on the water yet. I appreciate your comment 🙂

    MNAngler – Thank you so much, it was really a dream come true and I am so thankful for it! Sometimes the stars align right, and the right people notice 🙂

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