Just wanted to post some photos I took from above water of a largemouth bass yesterday. They turned out quite well!!

7 responses to “Largemouth bass”

  1. Nice clear water, and GREAT looking weeds!

  2. Good job with the camera, Ashley! I think I might have tried to sneak up on that guy with a rod and reel after taking some pictures of his home.

  3. Very cool pictures!Cool site too!

  4. Excellent images of those fellers!

  5. Very nice. Was he guarding eggs or fry, do you think?

  6. Glad you guys like the photos! I was lucky to get a calm day, no wind and go above the glare!

    Frank: I didn't see a nest, but the fish was swimming around, not just in one general area.

  7. oh this is amazing! Very nice camera work indeed. Just came across your blog…its fantastic!

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