Sunday night pike

I set out for about an hour in a canoe just before supper time tonight. On Sydenham Lake, Ontario, Canada, there are many rocks cliffs. I made my way over to one and tried for pike. Well second cast landed me a nice one!!! I usually catch them by accident, and they destroy my bass lures, but I bought a new Lucky Strike Red Flash (basically big red & white spoon with beads) and Mr. (or Mrs.) Pike SLAMMED IT!!

Here’s another shot:

Basically I just threw the spoon out, let it sink and before it even hit bottom I was struck!!! It was awesome reeling this one in while in a canoe, and even towed me around a little bit.

Next weekend bass season opens, I have been waiting for what feels like forever…. but alas, time to hook some bass!!

Hope you all had a great weekend on the water!!



  1. Mel – Thank you!! It was definitely a blast, and even more satisfying that I set out to catch a pike, and did 🙂

    Thank you Colaradocasters!! I was a happy lady!!

  2. Wow, nice catch! I can still remember when I caught my first ever pike. We all thought I was stuck on bottom. Then my dad hauled it in and we were amazed at the Pike's strength. I bet it was fun getting towed around in the canoe. Haha!

  3. Thanks Natividad!!

    Ian – we must go fishing when you are home, whether it's on water or ice.

    Wolfy – I wish it was in my backyard, hopefully someday 🙂 For now it's about 40 minutes away.

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