I know you may be wondering ‘where the bass at?!’ but I assure you that I will upload some bass photos and videos soon. Bass opened here on June 26th and I have been out quite a bit thus far and mostly by canoe! My favourite time of the year is now so I spend as much of it on the water as possible. I actually ventured out on Friday and got stuck in the wind in a canoe by myself… I was safe but it took me FOREVER to get back to the dock!!

This morning I got up at 5:45am to go out fishing before work (which was 1pm). GREAT way to start the week 🙂 I spent most of my morning using a drop-shot with a Slammer rigged with 20lb braid on a Cumulus & Sienna 2500. I was invited out by another member in our club to pre-fish Sydenham Lake (THANKS COLIN!) for our upcoming tournament this weekend. So the bass info is top secret.. but here is one thing I can show you:

The first pike I’ve ever caught drop-shotting!!

Stay tuned for bass!

3 responses to “Where the bass at?!”

  1. Very nice, I mean except for the wind\canoe part. Can't wait to see the bass footage.

  2. I envy your enthusiasm. That canoe trip in the wind says it all for me. Good luck with your bass fishing and we will be here when you get the pictures and videos up.

  3. Matt – I just posted a clip and some pics 🙂

    Mel – It makes me so happy to hear your feedback all the time, thank you so much!

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