My first fly fishing experience

I have wanted for a long time to try fly fishing. I wanted the experience to be perfect, that way I could really get a feel for it and have a good shot at pursuing it. Well, yesterday was just that!

I went out with a good friend, he showed me the ropes and I had one of the most peaceful and tranquil days on the water I have ever had! I’ve always thought that fly fishing seemed so artistic and I was definitely right. Something about standing in a stream and hearing nothing but the sound of water rushing over rocks, birds chirping and a splash when a smallie grabs your fly is totally amazing! Can you tell I am in love?

Here are some photos:

Learning to cast
 My first smallie on a fly!
He got some serious air!
Practice makes perfect…. eventually!
Another fish on!
Just a little guy, but what a fight!
Lastly, my favourite photo. 
You will definitely hear more on this topic, reel soon 🙂


  1. Hey Sabrina,
    Thanks for the warm welcome 🙂 Great to hear from you! I am definitely going to be browsing your website more now that I have had the wonderful experience of fly fishing!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Huge congrats for entering what most consider an art form in regards to fishing. Fly fishing is almost Zen-like compared to other methods and some like it so much it is the only way they address the water.

  3. I am not sure either.. tournament angling seems to be male dominated.. fly fishing is simpler. I don't mean simple as in the skill involved, just seems more peaceful and artistic, and you can still remain fairly 'girly' while doing so!

  4. Nice photos. Although trout is often the choice for a flyrod, you can't beat catching a nice smallmouth. Here in Michigan, I love fishing at dusk with a flyrod for bass and bluegills.

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