Take someone fishing

This past Saturday, I took my brother out on the lake for some bass fishing. It was fun to spend time with him, and I hope to get out again soon and catch more fish next time 🙂 John doesn’t have the sickness for fishing that I do… yet. Actually, I am the only one in my immediate family with this obsession…

 A little Rae comedy.. haha

Regardless of how many fish were boated, I still had a good time and did what is important:  took someone fishing! I have taken a few people out this year, and once I am finally able to get my own boat I will be able to take more people out. I am SO excited for that! It’s a great feeling seeing how excited people get to catch their first fish, and get hooked for life!


  1. You are very right, Ashley. It is a marvelous thing that happens when you take someone fishing, they catch a fish or two, and, you open up someone's horizons to the adventure of fishing. Keep up the great work my friend.

  2. Always great to take someone out fishing, Ashley. Friend, family – they're all good. And – you're right – the end of day tally doesn't really matter at all.

    Nice job.

  3. Hi Ashley & John…
    Great picture and Great buddies.. Funny but normal picture for these two…ha ha… but nice to see my little fishies fishing.

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