Last night after work I hit the water for an hour and a half and was really happy with the outcome! The fishing has been a little tough for me lately, and sometimes you need a big fish (or two) to brighten your day. Luckily, I caught a couple, and also a crappie! I haven’t caught many of them so it was a nice surprise. I took some photos and videos, so here we go (in order of being caught):

First smallie of the night

Sydenham Lake is LOADED with panfish, and crazy rock bass!

A beautiful crappie! 
A big fat smallie – YA!!!
Alrighty, so here is the video for the crappie:

And the big smallie, save the best for last! I was a little excited for this one:

Although the days are now getting shorter, the heat is still cranked here in Ontario. I am really looking forward to the long weekend! I will be fishing on Saturday, hitting up Canada’s Wonderland on Sunday, and for the holiday Monday I will be participating in a really cool event I want to tell you about.

Facebook has been an amazing tool for me to meet so many anglers from all over the world. There is a very strong presence in the angling community, and the support there is awesome as well. It’s great to see where people are fishing, what they are using, and what they are catching. I have been talking to some locals lately and one of the guys had an idea of a fishing get-together. I renamed Facebook, Fishbook, and we are doing our first gathering on Monday in Port Hope, Ontario! Here is a link for the event:

Everyone and anyone is invited! We are targeting salmon and trout, both of which I have never caught! So it’ll be great to meet some new anglers and hopefully make some memories, and learn a thing or two about fly fishing!

Hope you have a great weekend!


10 responses to “Another quick fishing trip”

  1. I think that picture with the crappie is a really good photo.

    Nice smallies. I tried for some a little bit yesterday and got skunked. Unfortunately it started to rain before I got to my best spot and I didn't have rain gear with me, so I headed home.

  2. Hi Ashley. Very nice Smallies. I originate from Wisconsin and can remember buckets of Crappie just about the size of the big one. Fortunately my Dad got the pleasure of cleaning them all. Good job.


  3. Basspastor – Thanks, I think it is my favourite photo from the night.

    I have been skunked a few times and I was starting to doubt my skills a bit, but thankfully a successful evening restored my faith in smallies and myself!! Hang in there 🙂

    Shoreman – Thank you! Crappie are so pretty, very different from any other fish. I hope to catch a lot more of them!

  4. Well, that was quite a bonanza of good Smallies and a nice Crappie to boot. Your excitement is contaigous, girl!

  5. Thanks Mel, and to think I try and contain my excitement hahaha.

    Thanks Sage for stopping by my blog 🙂

  6. Very nice smallies (I haven't caught a good one for the past 2 years) and nice crappie. Fishing's going to get better from now until November

  7. Went salmon fishing last year with my father-in-law, and he hooked up with a 20lb King. It's a different experience, but one to cherish.

    Hope everything goes smooth!

  8. Nice catch. I have a quick question for you. I just moved to kingston not long ago and I checked out a boat ramp on wilmer road but I noticed that it was pretty shallow. Are there any better free public ramps elsewhere around the lake?


  9. Hey Jocelyn,
    There is a better launch on Point Road (you will see a baseball diamond, and a football field) and the launch is right in behind there. I am not sure if there are any others, hope this helps! Good luck!

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