A Frosty Day on the Bay

Today could have possibly been my last day of trolling for walleye on open water. It was pretty chilly at -4, and on my way to Picton I saw a few ponds iced over, flurries were falling and I could see my breath. Although it was quite cold, many boats were still on the water, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day on the Bay of Quinte regardless.

Mike setting up for trolling
Planer boards, more fun to watch than television!
Ready to go!
Casey at the net
Fish on board!
What a beautiful walleye!
As soon as a fish is on, I forget about everything else.
10 pound walleye caught on a Barbie colour Rapala Tail Dancer, 105 feet back
Although we only boated 2 fish today, I had a GREAT time! I feel as though the more time I spend on the water, the more time I want to spend on the water. It’s addictive, and I am sure most of you reading this blog will agree, ’cause let’s face it – we’re all obsessed! 
Although the rivers and lakes will soon be freezing up, it will not put a stop to my season! Ice fishing is (hopefully) just around the corner. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice walleye! Hope to see you pull some out of the ice soon. I've already seen some portable shacks on our lakes. I'm surprised you haven't already been on the ice.

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