Round I: Ashley vs. Walleye

After much anticipation, I am happy to say that I had my first hardwater adventure of the season last night. The great thing about ice fishing is that it’s affordable, easily accessible and a great way to enjoy the long winter months! After all, what better way to get over fish deprivation than to hook big walleye? I was quickly convinced.

Although ice fishing is accessible to nearly anyone, it can also be very dangerous. It can be tricky for some anglers to post reports and information regarding ice conditions at the risk of others venturing out unsafely based on information that can change within hours. Regardless of what anyone posts, you should always approach the ice with caution and use the proper equipment to ensure you make it back home. Now that I am done my public safety announcement, let’s talk walleye!

I made my way to the Bay of Quinte after work last night to spend a few hours on the ice with some friends. I fished in 16 feet of water with 5 inches of black ice. As my flasher screen lit up, I thought to myself ‘I’d be happy with a perch as my first ice fish’. Not long after, this guy slammed my jig without hesitation! I was a lot happier with a walleye!

My next fish escaped at the hole, and by now the sun was going down. Regardless of size, these fish are aggressive eaters! My next walleye:

My last fish of the night:

Saying bye to the ‘eye:
FINAL SCORE: Ashley: 3 – Walleye: 1

I plan to spend a lot of time on the ice this year, and hope to catch pike and lake trout as well. I’ve never caught a pike through the ice, and have never caught a lake trout, period. I will try to take video next time. Looking forward to a great season!
Stay safe!


  1. Some very nice Walleye, Ashley! Don't have but one lake locally that has some Walleye in it. So am always wanting to learn. Do you find better fishing for them in the evening than other times of the day?

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