First Fishing Trip of 2011

Caught my first fish of 2011! As my first time ice fishing with a baitcaster, I found it much quicker to drop the line down to work the fish and it felt great reeling ’em in too! I caught 3 walleye in total on Monday and some fat perch! I think I prefer the baitcaster over the spinning set-up. I went back and forth between the two for awhile, but then just put down the spinning rod for the rest of the day and focused on the baitcaster.

With the overwhelming support I have received on Facebook, I have decided to just focus on using my Facebook Page instead of my user account. It will be much easier to post updates there rather than to manage 2 profiles. Here is the link:
Ashley on Facebook

Looking forward to 2011 and what it has to offer!



  1. Seems as though your New Years resolution has come true, already catching more fish! And nice ones too, good job Fisher Girl you are an inspiration and make me want to get my son and I into fishing!

  2. Ashley, I have seen some of your pictures of Walleye that you have caught. So your Walleye photos don't surprise me. However, that is one fat looking Perch. My gosh that would be fun to get a bunch of those to come up through the ol' ice hole.

    On my way to pay a visit to Facebook. Look up Blog Cabin Angler while you are over there sometime.

  3. Jen, we will hit the water as soon as possible this year, can't wait! James is going to LOVE fishing!

    Mel, as always – thank you! I will definitely look you up on Facebook as well 🙂

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