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This weekend marked 2 months of ice fishing every weekend, so I suppose I am officially a weekend warrior! It’s hard to believe that there are only a couple weeks left of walleye fishing until it re-opens in spring, it went by unbelievably fast. This was my second year of ice fishing but I’ve gotten out a lot more this year and have enjoyed every moment of it. I am so grateful to have friends that took me under their wing and showed me the ways of ice angling! I can’t thank them enough – the Quinte Ice Fishing Team. They have recently appeared on the Angler & Hunter TV show, and have filmed other TV shows as well. I am very proud, they deserve to be recognized!

Yesterday the morning bite was present, but not large numbers. I believe it was 9 fish caught in our group before lunch time, and then after lunch the wind picked up and the fish shut down. I caught these 2 in the morning:

The morning bite was my favourite, aggressive fish shooting up off bottom and whacking the bait! As the wind blew in the afternoon, I marked 3 fish but they would barely come up off bottom as if to be ‘spooked’. At the end of the day, I was just happy to get out with a good group and come home with a nice photo!

Next weekend I will set out in search of walleye, and then it’s time to try lake trout and whitefish for the first time very soon – can’t wait!

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