June Pike

Another weekend in the kayak, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Lots of pike, and rock bass but not as many rock bass as last weekend. I tied on some heavy spinner baits and searched for pike, hoping that the larger baits would produce larger fish and not attract as many panfish. It seemed to work!

It’s so much fun exploring all the places I was unable to reach in a boat. I also enjoy seeing the fish in their habitat, as they aren’t really afraid of the kayak. It’s so quiet. I found most pike in places close to shore or an island with a drop-off nearby.
Casting shot
Standing!! The kayak is stable, I am working on being stable! haha
Saturday evening, heading home. What a peaceful night on the water.
With low wind today, exploring new water was possible. I saw lots of spots I will be fishing later for bass. With crazy spring windstorms a lot of trees are uprooted and have fallen in the water. Only 20 days until bass opener – can’t wait!!
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  1. Ashley, those are some really great shots of you and your kayak. Looks like a match made in Heaven. I am not sure I am stable enough to fish in one, let alone stable enough to stand up in it!

  2. Hi there,

    I used to fish for Pike and Zander as a kid, it was great fun, and good food too.
    As for the kayak, I have been thinking of buying one for a long time, but finally decided against it: too many crocodiles where I fish…

    Have a good day.

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