What angler doesn’t dream of a fishing vacation? I mean, fishing every day… all day… several days in a row… well, for me it’s ideal! Now that I have my kayak, I am able to get out on the water frequently which is exactly why I purchased it.

I spent the work week (Monday to Friday) on Charleston Lake. Staying at the Provincial Park, the water was literally minutes away from our campsite. My hope was to fish for bass all week and catch lots of smallmouth. Not to spoil the blog, but I was not disappointed ;). To add to this adventure, I recently purchased a GPS/Fish Finder/Sonar unit for my kayak and decided on the Humminbird 385ci combo. It’s a perfect little unit!

Smallmouth bass from Tuesday (iPhone photo)
Largemouth also from Tuesday (iPhone photo)
The GPS helped navigate a brand new lake safely, and also read the lake and decide where I wanted to fish based on depth and structure. The fish finder/sonar showed me how deep fish were holding, and what they were holding in (weeds, drop offs, shoals). Since I purchased the kayak I have learned a lot about reading water. I am using my own energy to get around the lake, so I often try to ask myself questions such as why I am choosing an area to fish before I set out there. Questioning what I do alone has helped, but with these new tools I am thrilled for a more efficient time on the water!!
I spent Monday getting to know the Humminbird, and catching some fish while I was at it. The lake is absolutely gorgeous and I will definitely be back! There was no shortage of bass, and there still isn’t (catch and release for every single fish caught)!
A nice largie caught on Tuesday! Best fish of the day.
Wednesday brought a bit of rain (a break from the heat and sun) and fish that were finicky. Fishing rocky shoreline produced the most fish and primarily smallmouth.
Thursday was spent mostly fishing shoals in open water. The shoals were marked on the lake, so it was very handy. It was quite windy so I was drop shotting using heavier weights – casting at the edge of the shoal and then peddling towards my sinking line to keep tension on the line and avoid dragging out of the area. These smallies hit right away and rocketed out of the water for a nice battle! I love standing to reel these guys in!
Friday – what can I say! Packed up and hit the water at noon, and this beauty smoked it first cast!! Started off with the fish of the day, and enjoyed my last afternoon on the water before departure.
I am home now, tanned, tired, grinning from ear to ear with two roughed-up bass thumbs and some great memories! HUGE thanks to Chris for the great photos, great camping trip and a great week!
Enjoy your weekend!

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3 responses to “Charleston Lake – Two Bass Thumbs Up!”

  1. Hats off to the photographer! 3rd pic from the top is amazing!
    Great Blog Ashley!

  2. Hi Ashley. Great trip from what I can see. Good that you're wearing your PFD too, even though you youngsters float better than us old guys.


  3. I like your kayak šŸ˜‰

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