Big City Chinook

What a weekend! I’m back with loads of pictures and some video footage too! I spent the weekend at Port Credit Marina and fished near Toronto on Lake Ontario with my friend Mike of Mike always promises me a big fish, and he always delivers!

As well as getting the chance to fish the big water, I helped him out with some clients and got some great shots. It was really nice meeting some new anglers and watching the excitement as they reeled in some gorgeous fish (chinook salmon, steelhead and coho salmon). I couldn’t help but cheer and scream when a rod would fire off “FISH! FISH! FISH!” I felt like a fishing cheerleader haha.

You’ve got to love a double header!

At this point, most of the water I have fished has been in the country where the most I see on shore are cottages and homes. It was my first time seeing Toronto from the water, and it was pretty incredible! Somehow with the skyscrapers, sailboats and airplanes – it still seemed peaceful. I felt so small.

Through the fog

My friend Hayley came for a visit!
Mike asked me if I wanted to go for big fish, or numbers. I had barely slept all week thinking about reeling in a giant salmon! Naturally I chose ‘big fish’. I had only ever caught one salmon before, which was nearly a year ago and it was in a creek. They are such a beautiful and strong fish, and I had heard so much about trolling for them and experiencing “the run” – screaming reels and tired arms!
Mike took us to the spot
Rods ready
My first Lake Ontario chinook! I could barely hold it after the battle!
One of my favourite parts of fishing – the release.
Love at first bite! My second beast of a salmon!
Mike helped me capture my 2 salmon on video, hope you enjoy!
HUGE thank you to Mike again! If you ever book a charter with Salmon Fishing Charters, let myself or Mike know and I will be happy to join if time allows! Lots of exciting stuff coming up, stay tuned and thanks for helping me reach 30,000 hits!


  1. Even though I've lived in the city my whole life, I'll never get used to catching fish with that skyline as a backdrop. Those chinook pull a lot harder in deep water, don't they? Great post Ashley

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