Joe is one of the guys I spend the winter on the ice with catching walleye. He has made an appearance a few times on my blog, with ice fishing and some open water walleye fishing as well. He recently started a charter business on the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario.

With all the posts I had seen in the past while on Facebook, a lot of personal bests (as referred to as PBs) have been caught on his boat right from the start. When it came time to name his boat, he asked if anyone had any ideas. I had the idea of… PB&J! Not peanut butter and jam… but personal best & Joe!! Joe liked the idea, so she’s now named – PB&J Charters, and yesterday was my first official trip!

A great boat!


Around 15 minutes into our afternoon adventure came walleye #1:
7.24 pounds
There were 4 of us on board; myself, Capt’n Joe, Jeff Chisholm and Bob MacMillan. It was great to get out with some of the ice fishing crew on open water for a gorgeous afternoon! We trolled crank baits at a secret location in 38 feet of water, with fish marking at around 22 feet. We were using Rapalas and Reef Runners with purple as the hot colour for the day!
Grinnin’ because all fish were ‘catch, photo, release’
Jeff and Joe setting up the spread
Capt’n Joe with a nice ‘eye
Our triple header!!
What a great day, and even a little chaotic with a TRIPLE header! We caught 9 walleye in total, and for Joe it was 15 for the day as he was out for a couple hours in the morning as well. Be sure to check out the video below:

Thanks Joe, Jeff and Bob for one heck of a walleye trip! Can’t wait for our next adventure!

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