First Salmon On A Fly & Help Ringwood Fish Hatchery!

I don’t know where you were this past weekend, but in Oshawa it was COLD! I was checking out Lake Ontario tributaries with my friend Mikey in search of salmon and trout. We stopped in several spots, but Oshawa looked promising so we layered up and began our adventure.

The tools:
Now I have been learning the ropes of fly fishing in the last couple of years and have landed bass and panfish – nothing too crazy. I have a lot to learn but as with any other type of fishing I’ve tried – I love it! We were using purple egg sucking leeches and drifting them with split shots. At this time of the year salmon are not eating the flies, but rather striking with aggression.
Mikey is the master of fly fishing the creeks and rivers of Ontario, even though he will not want me to say it (take the compliment)! Last year was when I hooked my first ever salmon which was a chinook in the Ganaraska River and Mikey helped make that possible. Well just over a year later.. and this time on a fly rod.. here is what happened:
We got a few video clips, hopefully next time I will get the start to finish hook-set and land if possible. I was absolutely loving this whole experience!! This river has a walking trail along the shore so with my screaming and landing this beast, we had somewhat of an audience and they even took some photos for us! I need to get a pair of waders because I got pretty soaked! Now for the photos, start to finish… catch to release:
Words cannot really describe just how happy I was. Something about it made me feel so accomplished – thank you to Mikey!!
Now I need your help, so do the salmon! Below you will see a banner for a contest that is going on held by Aviva Insurance. Ringwood Fish Hatchery Station has a vital part in keeping our Lake Ontario and surrounding streams stocked with salmon and trout. In the past 5 years they have raised over 6 million salmon and trout to be restocked back into our wonderful fishery. They are in the running for a contest to win part of a million dollars which will aid to push forward in their efforts and properly fund this restocking program.
As anglers, it is our responsibility to replenish and do anything possible to ensure the future of fishing. Please take the time to vote and help with the project! You can vote by following the link and you can vote EVERY DAY! Please join me in supporting Ringwood!!

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