As the leaves are changing and as the mornings are darker and chillier, I am starting to feel the effects of fall setting in. I find that this time of year makes it a little more difficult to fish. The cold doesn’t bother me too much (although it’ll be my first autumn in my kayak), but the wind can be a problem for anyone in any type of vessel. Regardless, I will do what I do and fish as much as possible ūüôā Afterall, I have the Bay of Quinte trophy walleye season to look forward to on open water, and ICE FISHING!!! I am crazy about ice fishing. I am in no hurry for it, but I also can’t wait… it’s bitter sweet.

Springside Park, Napanee
So far the highlight of my autumn has been October 7th – a big day in Napanee, Ontario. The Napanee Springide Park boardwalk has always been a place I visit for a nice walk along the Napanee River, or fishing off the docks. It’s home to many kids fishing events and it’s a place that is easily accessible for anyone to enjoy.

The Napanee and District Chamber of Commerce (NDCC) has been working on re-vamping Springside park now for 2 years and the face-lift is finally complete! Aside from the gorgeous new boardwalk, they unveiled 2 new kiosks that contain historical information and yes Рinformation about the waterway and the fishing. I was first in contact with NDCC when they viewed my website last year and wanted to include me in their Tourism-Outdoors section  I am very thankful to have their support! A few months ago I was contacted again by Kathy Medd of NDCC and she asked if I would be willing to contribute a photograph for one of the new kiosks. I was really thrilled at this opportunity, and said yes! I am really happy to promote local tourism, especially for my hometown of Napanee. On Friday, October 7th they did the official ribbon cutting and unveiling! Here are some photos from the event:

 The ribbon cutting
Kathy Medd and myself
Close-up on the Napanee River Watershed section Рwith myself and a  Napanee River walleye!
The falls
The kiosk is featured at the base of the falls at Springside Park in Napanee, Ontario
I would just like to extend a thank you to the Napanee and District Chamber of Commerce for including me in this wonderful project. A lot of work was put into it and it is truly impressive. Special thanks to Kathy Medd for her support!
In other news
My website has now reached over 36,000 views – thanks to ALL that stop by and share with others! It’s amazing to see the statistics of which search terms are used to find this website and also which websites are referring others here. Your support is amazing!
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