From Sunday, November 13, 2011
This fish was holding along a concrete wall and it was a tricky situation to cast to. With the bridge overhead my rod had to stay low.. and with such little space between where I could stand, and where the fish was, I had to be careful not to spook it. I was leaning back into the back wall and casting downstream at the wall the fish was along so the fly would drop in front and drift by it in the small pool. It took awhile to get into the right spot… but with Mikey’s help and some practice I could land the fly right where I wanted it. At first the fish was just angry at the fly it seemed. It would stir up mud and thrash around at the sight of it. Maybe it was actually excited? Haha.. After several drifts it finally took it and my heart was pounding like crazy! I didn’t get excited right away until I had it on for a minute or so… and then I thought to myself ‘this is my moment…. the one I’ve been waiting for’…

Another broken heart from a steelhead. Man, I hate love these fish…


5 responses to “The mission for steelhead continues…”

  1. Morning Ashley. I've fished Chrome for three years and never gotten that close. You take the love the fish part, I'll take the hate.


  2. Glad to see you've taken to the long rod Ashley. With that and the yak will you be out on the bay next year casting flies to pike and gar?

  3. Hi Ashley,
    If you landed a steelhead this early in your attempts, you'd make a lot of veteran steelheaders mad! The first one is the hardest. Keep at it. A fish positioned downstream is a very hard one to get a good hookset on, indeed. That bridge overhead hurt your chances, too. You were forced to point the tip at the fish, which is precisely what you want to do to pull a hook out of a fish (occasionally one will get foul hooked, and it is better not to fight it all the way in.) Keep fishing and good luck at getting a steelhead!

  4. It took me two year to catch my first steelhead, that was in 1985. Now I catch them dayly, keep at 'em!

  5. Hello.

    The look on your face! only a second, but….I must admit it made me laugh, in a good sense. I've had so many fish (sea mainly) take my lures, many just bought….I know how it feels.

    I love the blog even if it's pink lol. It's great to see a female practising this sport.

    Enjoy the moment. Frank

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