My first seminar(s)! Spring Fishing and Boat Show 2012

As a child, public speaking was my absolute worst fear. Each year in school, we’d have to do a 3-5 minute memorized speech on a topic of our choice, and there was nothing I dreaded more. I got sick over thinking about it, and even remember crying when I was really young as I was so nervous! I was actually a very shy girl in my early days. It wasn’t until some point in high school where I broke out of my shell and became more outgoing and comfortable in my own skin. Most of you are probably reading this thinking ‘impossible’ because I am quite outgoing now.
When I received a phone call inquiring if I would like to do seminars at this years Spring Fishing and Boat Show, I felt a hint of shyness come back but didn’t give myself time to think it over and instead said ‘yes’. Moments later, I was signed up for 8 seminars when I had never before done one! The topic was kayak fishing and I even had a demonstration pool so I could get in the kayak during my seminar. Very cool! I got prepared and in less than a couple weeks I was on my way to the show in Mississauga, Ontario with a kayak strapped on the roof in February. I felt myself fall back into that nervousness from long ago, and got really stressed about the seminars. I kept telling myself ‘I am just talking about what I love’ and thought it should be so easy!

Yes, it’s that stable! My kayak is the Hobie Mirage Outback.
In my seminar I talked about kayak safety/items needed, some extras I use to maximize my time on the water, the fishability, stability and the propulsion system (Mirage Drive) that allows me to be hands free while kayaking and fish at the same time! I talked about my personal experiences, the kayak features and the advantages to kayak fishing, etc.
After the first few seminars, it was better than I had imagined. I really enjoyed telling my story, the interaction with the crowd and most of all – passing on my love for kayak fishing! Once I overcame nervousness, I had fun up there! I did 8 seminars altogether, 2 on each day of the show. I met lots of people, and even had a surprise visit from my friend Hayley and her family who drove up to support me!
Thank you to everyone that stopped by my seminars! See you at the show next year!
Promo photo is 1 away from 60,000 hits! Thank you for your support!!!!



  1. Very cool, did anyone record it? I always get asked questions about tipsiness and falling in. Good to see you putting those rumors to bed.

  2. Right On Ashley…Good For You FisherGrrl…I want one of those Hobie Mirage Outback Kayaks. Nice Muskie..! I would of SHIT MY PANTS..! HAHAHA LOL…NICE MUSKIE…IN A KAYAK…UNREAL..? PS. KEEP ON…KEEPIN ON..! Cheers Sharpie.

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