New Sponsor, Pike and Kiwanis!

2012 is becoming the year of change for me. You will hear more as I update my blog in the near future, but for today I would just like to share with you that I have joined forces with Rapala! I am excited for what’s in store with my new sponsorship and the opportunities that Rapala has to offer.

Another change is the look of my blog. I hope you like it!!

There is always something to catch in Ontario! A couple of friends and I found a lake that is open for pike year round, so we decided to get out and chase some pike recently! We found that the pike would follow whatever we threw, but only hit a very slow moving swimbait. It was nice to reel in something larger than a panfish! Trout season opens up soon, and walleye and pike in my home water – the Bay of Quinte. I cannot wait to participate again this year in the Kiwanis Walleye World Derby – this will be my 5th year! I will also be doing a seminar at this years event, hope to see you there!

For more frequent updates and catches, visit me on Facebook or Twitter. I will also be updating the Rapala Army Facebook Page – so join me there. (Psst… we are running a contest very soon!)

Thanks for your ongoing support!


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