Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to all that entered a guess at the length of my personal best salmon from my previous blog!

The salmon have been moving into the Lake Ontario tributaries heavily, and they’re an absolute blast to reel in!
My personal best salmon was 40 inches!! The winners with the correct (or closest) guesses were:
  1. Ian Goulbourne – 40 inches
  2. Mike Nutto – 40 inches
  3. “Stormy” – 40 1/2 inches
  4. Dean Jones – 39 3/4 inches
  5. “Jojo” – 39 1/2 inches
  6. Matt Baden 39 1/2 inches
Please send an e-mail to me with a mailing address to claim your X-Rap!
Stay tuned for more blogs and a BIGGER contest coming soon….!!

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