Goodbye, Ruby!

It was a bittersweet moment as I recently said goodbye to my very first boat. Ruby was my Alumacraft Pro 185 powered by a Yamaha motor but became way more than just a boat to me. Some of you have been connected with me since that day back in December 2012 when I brought her home. In fact, you guys even helped me pick out a name. There have been countless memories made on this boat, many guests, many firsts, and many personal bests accomplished. I can’t imagine how many fish came aboard for a quick tour or dip in the livewell before being released. I completely fell in love with this boat (and even shed a few tears when I had to winterize her for the first time). It is a little hard to say goodbye, but I’m beyond thrilled that Ruby was purchased by a female angler and her family! It makes me happy to see more women operating boats and I know this family will create unforgettable memories of their own. As for what’s next, I look forward to my new Alumacraft/Yamaha set-up arriving soon and falling in love all over again! This boat will be something completely different for me and I can’t wait to tell you more soon. Thank you for connecting and following me through this journey!

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