Lake Trout Canvas Print Giveaway!

I’ve finally added another species to my ‘Let Them Go, Let Them Grow’ Canvas Print Series and I figure it’s a great time to host a giveaway! This time around, I’ll be giving away this 40-inch by 30-inch lake trout canvas print which was photographed out on Lake Ontario. You can read more about this recent lake trout adventure here. With the changes on social media nowadays, a lot of you who are following/connected to my accounts have said you are not seeing my posts appear in your newsfeed as frequently as I have been posting. I’ve been working towards keeping my blog updated with my adventures and there is now the option of subscribing to my blog (at the bottom of this page) so you’ll receive all new posts via email. I have some fun fishy projects on the horizon that relate to my blog and I’m excited to share more details in the coming weeks!

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I’m grateful to those of you that have taken the time to subscribe already and to show appreciation I have decided not only to host this contest BUT each time I add a new species to my canvas print series (or a new item to my online store), I will host another giveaway!

This 40-inch by 30-inch high quality lake trout canvas print comes on a 3/4-inch wooden frame and includes a hanger kit.

How to enter

Now you’re likely wondering how you can enter this giveaway?! Please ensure you’ve followed both steps below:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of this post, enter your email address to subscribe to my blog. Don’t worry, your email will be kept confidential.
  2. Leave a comment below letting me know where you would hang this print if you won. I will select the winner via a random draw. If I see some creative entries, I may also select an additional winner! Don’t forget to include your email address when filling out the form so that I can contact you should you win.

Please note: This contest will close in 2 weeks (on May 16th) . Don’t forget to follow both steps to enter!

“Let Them Go, Let Them Grow”

To purchase one of my prints, please check out my online store here. Last year I donated 10% of all print sales to the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. I have decided to donate 10% once again this year.

Good luck and thank you for your support!

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  1. We just renovated our entire basement and it will be a fishing/outdoors theme to it. I would love to hang it on wall directly across from the steps, next to my hand carved paddle I made for my adventures in Algonquin park.

  2. I would hang it in our summer kitchen where we tend to spend a lot of time socializing in the summer months.

  3. That print would finally bring some real LIFE to the only wall in my cubicle at work. Although it would take up the entire space … PERFECT! 😏 Cheers

  4. I would proudly hang it in our living room. Such a awesome photo good luck to all and thanks she loves to dish

  5. I have cottage on a lake, this print would look out on the water. The trout would be so close to the water it might leave the canvas and jump into the water

  6. This print would be prominently displayed as opposed to just being hung in my house. I would give it the most exposure I could because I think it defines what I love most about this sport, beauty, strength, color, power…… just look at those eyes. It’s a wonderful print.

  7. I have a bar that is made from a 1983 Chris Craft. It would look awesome right behind it.

  8. Amazing print! Definitely be in the garage next to the boat so I can see it every time I go out. Would also enlarge it and make a whole wall in the living room the picture.

  9. My home office, where my floor is covered in fishing lines reels tools and grease 🙂

  10. My late brother and I loved fishing together since we were little boys. I’d hang it next to photos of the two of us fishing. Thanks.

  11. Its a beautiful catch. I’d hang it in my living room, on a big wall above the TV. It will happily cover this awful cord that runs up the wall to attach a satellite dish. It will serve two purposes 1. to remind me of what I should be up to other than watching TV, and 2. To make the space sooo much better.

  12. The perfect place for this print is right above my in-home fish! I have a chocolate brown wood stand with two aquariums on it that would look great underneath your image!

  13. We just bought a house so I would put it in my study/meditation room. When I first got sober someone told me to find my place of peace. It always has been and still is fishing. It’s my meditation. 🎣

  14. Great pic! Where would I put this??? Hmmm… I would hang this in my 3yr old sons room so he can think about fishing when he goes to bed and wakes up and before and after naps… gotta brainwash them now. 🙂

  15. I would hang it at the top of my stairs. It would be seen upon entering the house and every time I go up or down the stairs, which is a lot.

  16. It’s going in my office, over my computer, where I can look up and take a mental break, fishing on northern Lake Michigan, downriggers down, breathing the crisp fresh air, and waiting for that big strike.

  17. That print would look good in my family room it would go perfectly as I do have Moose antlers Deer antlers Northern Pike mount Trout mount Bear head mount and was given a very large Beaver pelt that are all in the family room

  18. Hey,
    I would hang this nice picture between my rods in my bedroom 🙂
    Greets from Germany

  19. Such an amazing picture that this would be the highlight in our newly finished basement. Thank you for the opportunity.

  20. I would hang it in my family room right by my Brook trout! 🙂
    It is a gorgeous photo! Well done! 🙂

  21. I would hang it on the wall right in front of my front door. Whenever someone is leaving or coming in they will see this fabulous canvas print.

  22. Whenever it goes it is such an awesome print it won’t matter! Although I think Heather would like it in the living room. 🙂🐟❤️

  23. I would put it in my office at school to spread my love of fishing to my students! Nothing says love like teaching a youngster how much fun fishing can be.

  24. I am a printer and will take it to work to hang in the customer lounge so all our customers have something great to look at.

  25. I would hang it with great pride on my wall of fame with the rest of my friends and there memorable picture!🐳

  26. I would hang this in the Living Room, with some 6 point antlers I have get a Canadian cottage kind of vibe going.

  27. We live in ontario and just bought a new house in Gros Morne national park, we are trying to turn into a mini lodge. This would look great on the main wall. We are designing it with an outdoor theme it would be a fantastic addition.

  28. I would actually gift this to my sister (who was an avid fisherwoman before life got in the way – she’s fixing that though 😉 )

  29. I would hang it right beside the 18.5 pound rainbow I caught with my daughter. In my rec room on Windy Lake. I believe you were there this winter?

  30. I would hang it next to my fish tank and fishing poles across from my bed so I would wake up everyday ready to fish thanks!

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