Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Rigged 3.5″


The Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Rigged is ready for immediate fishing action. Its balanced weight and buoyant ElaZtech structure ensure it maintains a naturally horizontal posture during descent and when resting on the bottom. Additionally, its adjustable 1/4oz weight allows you to fine-tune the sinking speed to perfection. 2 per pack.



The Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ Rigged are a highly authentic pre-rigged shrimp imitation. Ready for action straight out of the package, this bait excels whether used beneath a popping cork, free-lined, or hopped along the bottom. Crafted from durable and buoyant ElaZtech, it outlasts other shrimp imitations and provides a slow, controlled descent on slack line, perfectly synchronized with its segmented body and delicate appendages, resulting in the appearance, motion, and texture of a genuine shrimp. Outfitted with a top-quality, heavy-duty black nickel 2/0 Mustad hook, its notched Ā¼ ounce weight can be easily adjusted to achieve the ideal sink rate.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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