Z-Man NedlockZ EWG Jigheads


The Z-Man NedlockZ EWG Jigheads combine a recessed eye mushroom head design from the NedlockZ jigheads with a robust yet compact custom size 1 VMC extra-wide gap jig hook. Features a molded keeper for straightforward weedless rigging for a snag-resistant Ned jighead. 4 per pack.



The Z-Man NedlockZ EWG Jigheads merge a classic mushroom-shaped head with a weedless EWG hook. The NedlockZ EWG Jigheads simplify weedless rigging and facilitate effortless hooksets when using Ned Rig-style soft plastic baits. The jig incorporates a custom, robust #1 VMC extra-wide gap hook tailored to optimize the action of small soft plastic baits without overpowering them. The meticulously calculated proportions and angles are engineered to ensure straightforward and secure hooksets. A molded keeper secures baits firmly in place, preventing them from shifting, even during forceful casts and after missed strikes. Serving as an ultra-premium Ned Rig jighead, the NedlockZ EWG offers the same weight options and colors (green pumpkin, black, chartreuse) as the original NedlockZ Jighead.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



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