Z-Man TRD CrawZ 2.5″


The Z-Man TRD CrawZ 2.5″ is an authentic Ned Rig-sized crayfish imitation featuring buoyant claws that assume a natural defensive posture when at rest. This enticing presentation provokes aggressive strikes from both smallmouth and largemouth bass when paired with your preferred Z-Man ShroomZ, NedlockZ, or Micro Finesse Jig! 6 per pack.



The Z-Man TRD CrawZ 2.5″ are an impressively life-like crayfish imitation, initially designed for Ned-rigging but versatile enough to serve as a finesse jig trailer or even mimic a saltwater fiddler crab. Its buoyant claws allow it to assume a natural defensive posture when dragged along the bottom. You can attach this mini-craw to the back of a ShroomZ or NedlockZ jighead for traditional Ned Rig applications. Another option is to rig it on the back of the Z-Man Micro Finesse Jig, where the claws float up off the bottom, replicating a natural defensive posture at rest. Crafted from the durable 10X Tough ElaZtech superplastic, the TRD CrawZ comes in a wide range of colors, making it easy to “match the hatch” in various rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes where crayfish are present!

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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