When I was young the first fish I was introduced to were walleye, and then bass. While those fish were out of season, I would wait months on end to wet a line. I have been fortunate enough to catch many new species since then, but I am still on the hunt for more. With my new goal this year to experience the many kinds of fish available here in Ontario, I thought I would set out in the gorgeous weather and catch some perch. I have caught many before, but never really set out to do so.

I set up my Cumara rod with a Sahara 500FD reel, 10 pound moss green braid with a 4 pound monofilament leader and set out to Canadian Tire for some baits. I bought 2″ pumpkin and white swirltail grubs, 1/16th ounce jig heads in black and white and also some waterbugs (pink/white and beetle juice coloured).

The location:

A beautiful spot in Kingston, Ontario. My friend Jamie and I set up on a rock point and both caught perch on our first cast! A very promising location!

It was great to get out, get some sun and fresh air and most of all: REEL IN SOME FISH!! Regardless of size, perch are pretty fun to catch. We both caught lots! Just off the point there were more perch schooled-up than I had ever seen in my life!! We fished there for awhile and were spoiled so we thought ‘hey, let’s try another spot’. None of the other locations produced any fish, so we headed back to the original spot.

Here is Jamie!

What a gorgeous day! A little overcast, and pretty warm! I wore pants, but should have worn shorts.

There were lots of people out and about; fishing, walking and even some rock climbers climbing up the cliffs. This black lab spent some time watching us fish. What a cute pup! I think I may head out tomorrow and try to make a video of perch fishing.

Hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend!


2 responses to “Perchin’ – April 3rd”

  1. I'll try again, Ashley.

    Perch are great early season targets – they're fun to catch on light tackle, they taste good, and they look neat. They are DEFINITELY schoolers, though, and you run into a lot of hit-or-miss, as you saw.

    Nice post


  2. Thanks Wolfy!! I saw some pretty decent sized ones in the school. It was neat!!

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