30th Annual Kiwanis Walleye World

When I was a kid they held the walleye/pike opener annually in my hometown – Napanee, and it was all the hype of the town as Napanee was apparently the ‘Walleye Capital of the World’! I remember seeing the huge fish tanks with walleye & pike, all the tents with vendors and the crowds watching the leader board. It was just so much fun, and I wasn’t even fishing it back then. To be honest I still feel the same way about the event. I love the angler atmosphere and going to get last minute tackle while chatting with complete strangers at Canadian Tire about the upcoming weekend

Well, in 2008 I entered for the first time and caught this fish that was 8.5 pounds:

I am sure if you’ve read my blog you know, I did not win a prize or even make the board, but I walked away with a great memory and a new obsession – fishing tournaments. That was 3 years ago this weekend! It’s so fun to spend the entire weekend on the water, especially after a long winter, and it means summer is on the way!

The tournament is now held in Trenton and opens at midnight tonight. I will be heading out tomorrow morning. If you get your ticket early enough, you get one of these fancy hats:

I never enter this tournament expecting anything except a fun weekend of fishing, but it’s fun to dream of winning a boat or any of the awesome prizes up for grabs.

If you want to check out their online leader board, or what prizes are available:

Good luck to anyone fishing this weekend, tournament or not!


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