Webisodes – coming SOON!

Panfishing on Sydenham Lake off the dock.

For many years I have dreamed about one day having a part in a fishing show. Growing up watching all the guys out there fishing all over the world, looks like a dream come true. I realize it would be no walk in the park, and takes a ton of funding, time, and research – some of which I do not have available at this time. I’ve decided that there really should be nothing holding me back from doing what I can given my resources.

That being said, this summer I am going to film short ‘webisodes’ of my fishing adventures here in Ontario, or wherever I have the opportunity to travel and fish. I taught myself how to use a video editing program last year, and was able to buy a video camera as well. I have made lots of fishing acquaintances who I am sure would be happy to spend a day on the water and shoot some video at the same time. The best part about Youtube is that it’s FREE, and easy to share all over the internet, so that will be where I post the shows. I will also embed them into my blog so you don’t have to go far to find them.

Any suggestions you have would be great to hear! I won’t be filming for a few weeks, so I would love to hear your ideas.

Can’t wait to get started on this project!!!!!!!!

Ashley 🙂


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  1. Hey, i think you should come to BC you can stay with us and we can do some fishing here and see some other wicked wildlife like seals and things!!!!

  2. Don't have any “hot' ideas, but, will sure be looking forward to your work with the video camera. Keep up the great work.

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