This photo is from Sunday, January 9th on the Bay of Quinte. I went out for the afternoon/sunset bite and caught a couple walleye, with this guy being my biggest. Fishing in 15 feet of water and this time using my spinning set up (Shimano Sahara 500FD reel, medium-heavy action rod, 10lb PowerPro ice line) and perch colour jigging raps rigged with live minnows.

I marked a lot of walleye on my flasher, yet they were hard to please. The first one I caught was when my screen was full of perch, it showed up out of nowhere and hit hard. Love that feeling! This walleye stalked my jig for a long time before committing. It’s fun to use different techniques and try and entice the fish to bite, although I feel that I should have slowed down my jigging early on. After realizing an aggressive retrieve was not working, I slowly rose the jig higher and higher with small twitches, and when this fish approached I retrieved very slowly, stopping every few inches. Finally, at about 7-8 feet he struck! YES!

I will be hitting the ice again this weekend, hope to have more pictures to share!

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  1. Wish we had the walleye fishery in VT like you have. Lucky!!!! Great blog btw!

  2. Awesome fish! Good things come to those who wait. :-).

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