Tonight’s Results

I went out this evening for a couple hours after work to try and catch an ‘eye or two. I have been trying to get a video all season, but it’s difficult to film on your own in a (sometimes) dark hut. I set up a tripod and this is what happened:

I caught 2 in total tonight, this was the bigger walleye. I am thinking of getting a GoPro camera (that you wear right on your head). I think it would be handy to get the full ‘anglers-eye-view’ effect! It’s also water proof and HD.

Anyway, not the best video, but I will try to get more this weekend 🙂



  1. THAT WAS SO COOL! Kirk beat me to it, but I was going to ask if that green blip was the fish heading over to your bait! Welcome to OBN! That's a great video – nothing wrong with that!

    PS – did you swing that thing into your lap? 🙂 lol

  2. That was not a bad video at all. It really showed how you jigged your bait up and the fish followed.

    That 'eye didn't look that little to me. I'd love to land one (or several) of those on the ice!

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